How to Use Cinema Box – How to Stream Videos Using Cinema Box

In this article, we will let you know how to stream the Cinema Box App in your Smartphone devices. The App using procedure will be same on Android, iOS or any Smartphone device which installs this app. there are features like Chromecast, saving videos and other which are known to us but the process to use them is unknown. So by the suggestion and request of the viewer we are going to give you a brief description to use Cinema Box on your Smartphone, Tablet devices.

How To Use Cinema Box for Streaming Videos:

It is very hard that we are using the App from a long time but we haven’t known all its features yet. It may be possible that after reading the below given streaming procedure, you may find that it is known to you but you have tried it. So kindly go with the each step correctly to know better about the Cinema Box App.

  • Once you install the App in your Smartphone or Tablet then Launch it by using its icon
  • In the main screen, you can view list of Movies, TV series and shows videos
  • Don’t forget to have a good connection which let you stream videos without buffer
  • Now at top near notification bar, you can type any name to search on
  • It brings you results from top video sites and along with HD clarity videos
  • In the main screen, there are two categories Hot and New

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How to Use Cinema Box App
How to Use Cinema Box App
  • Prefer any category and find the latest, trending movie or TV series there
  • At top left side of page, you can view an option with dashed lines
  • Click on it and you will be directed to features list of Cinema Box App
  • Here you will find categories like Movies, TV Series, Cartoon, and Anime
  • In each, you will sub option like update, New, Popular and Rating as videos are separated
  • Go with the option as you desire to stream that category video or movies
  • Then favorite button is integrated for users to add their favorite videos here
  • Also based on this Favorite list you have created, the Cinema Box timeline will be updated
  • Movies Download option let you know the status of movie or video you kept for downloading
  • Here you can even resume the movie to download later on
  • Last there is Setting button which let you know few internal things about Cinema Box
  • You can edit the pixel to stream, storage place to SD or Device and much more
  • At last, you can even add Chromecast by selecting to online videos from setting option
  • This option will allow you to stream videos on TV screen by using Chromecast interface

This is a tutorial on How to Use Cinema Box on Android, iOS or any Smartphone device which installs this app. If you have any doubt don’t hesitate comment below.